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Links to the organizations where Sandberg and Ejsmont work:

VTI - English version (Prof Sandberg works here 80 % of full time)
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), Linkoping, Sweden

VTI - Svensk version (same as above but in Swedish)

Chalmers (Prof Sandberg works here 20 % of full time)
Chalmers University of Technology - Applied Acoustics, Gothenburg, Sweden

TUG (Prof Ejsmont works here 100 %)
Technical University of Gdansk (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Gdansk, Poland

Some reports that are possible to download from the web:

Noise emission of road vehicles - Effect of regulations - Final report by the I-INCE working party on noise emission of road vehicles
Tyre/Road Noise - Myths and Realities (plenary paper at INTER-NOISE 2001)
Noise emission, friction and rolling resistance of car tires (paper at Noise-Con 2000)

Note that the latter two can be downloaded as full reports in pdf format by clicking the link at the bottom of each page that opens up



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