Errata (Corrections to errors in the book)

Updated 24 November 2002

It is unavoidable that there are several errors in such a comprehensive book. The following lists the errors known to the authors:

Page 19, left column, 4th paragraph, lines 3-4:
The final version of the EU Directive (published in June 2002) defines the daytime period as 12 h and the evening period as 4 h.

Page 37, caption for Fig. 4.14:
The third sentence mentions "each green bar". The bars referred to are yellow/red.

Page 39, 6th line from top:
WP-NREV shall read WP-NERV

Page 92, left column, the equation:
In the equation, “ar” should read “ax”.

Page 222, Fig.10.25, figure caption:
Delete “(left)”. Before finalizing this chapter we had also a right part of the figure. We forgot to change the caption when this part was deleted.

Page 273, subchapter 11.15, 4th paragraph, line 9:
“Intesity” shall read “intensity”.

Page 320, section 14.9.4, first two paragraphs:
The sound pressure waves were averaged as sound waves and not as spectra as implied in the text (the spectrum loses the phase information which is the essence of this averaging technique). The sound wave average contains all information on both amplitude and phase and the final average is converted to a spectrum.

Page 328-329, Table 15.1 (on both pages):
There are two Table 15.1. The one on page 329 should be Table 15.2. All later tables in Chapter 15 should be renumbered.

Page 330 and 346, Table 15.2 (on both pages):
There are also two Table 15.2. The one on page 330 should be Table 15.3 and the one on page 346 should be Table 15.4. All later tables in Chapter 15 should be renumbered.

Page 384, subchapter 17.3:
The reference to [Walker, 1981] has been lost here. Walker’s PhD Thesis should be referenced here since he compared CB with DR measurements in an advanced way. This reference is listed in the References (Chapter 34).

Page 415, subchapter 19.3.4, line 5:
Section 11.8.5 is mentioned; it shall be section 11.12.5.

Page 478, Fig. 22.24, figure caption:
The reference here is incorrect. Mr Kuijpers did not supply this figure to us; it was Mr Jan Hooghwerff at M+P. The road described in the figure was designed by Mr Wim van Keulen at M+P raadgevende ingenieurs bv (same company as that of Mr Kuijpers) for the Dutch road constructor KWS. We are grateful to Mr van Keulen and regret that we mixed names here.

We apologize for these errors. Book readers noticing any other errors are kindly requested to notify us of them.


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